Are they a bad cover band, or just the Black Eyed Kids?


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We are back this week with a topic I've wanted to cover for quite sometime; the strange phenomena of the Black Eyed Kids. Back in 1996 a journalist, Brian Bethel, had an encounter that left him with an unsavory taste in his mouth. He couldn't explain what happen, only that it had, but what he could recall was shocking. Bethel's account featured a new type of haunting with a brand new, never before seen monster - black eyed kids. He described these kids as between the ages of 6 and 16 with fairly normal features, except that their clothes were dated by a few decades... oh and their eyes were solid black. Yeah, I know, terrifying, right?

Well after Bethel's account, other's began either having similar encounters with these things, or recalled events that had happened to them in their younger years. All of these stories, which are now plentiful all over reddit, have one thing in common - the kids always want to come into your space, be it a house or car, or... whatever. Generally, these kids also seem out of touch with modern society, such as asking to come into a home to use a landline when pretty much everybody (including bloody toddlers), have their own cellphone. They also create a sense of unease within the person/people they're interacting with.'

Most chilling of all? Well, there are absolutely no accounts of what happens in somebody lets one of these Black Eyed Kids into their house... Maybe nobody's lived to tell the tale.

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