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Darcy Weir is a documentarian and filmmaker responsible for such works as Occult Journeys, Beyond the Spectrum: Being Taken, and Volcanic UFO Mysteries, the film which we talk about in this interview. He's been a busy guy over the past five or so years, releasing a number of great films, with plenty more on the way. In Volcanic UFO Mysteries, he talks to pioneers in the field of UFO study, such as Stephen Bassett, and looks at some of the more unknown UFO activity in Mexico.

Darcy has a lot of thoughts on the UFO phenomenon in general, and he does talk to me about it, as well as a great deal of other super interesting topics. If you've been a listener to the podcast for any length of time, then this interview is going to be right up your alley. Aliens, UFO's, and volcanos? All you need to do is throw in Sasquatch (which Darcy has covered) and you have the perfect blend of everything.

Check out Volcanic UFO Mysteries on Amazon Prime, Google Play, or really anywhere you stream your movies. Also be sure to check out his website for more information at:

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