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No, this isn't about the Hulk, but something kind of close. Today we're talking about one of of the more severe sins, one of the real bad, or heavy ones. We're talking about Envy, that big ol' monster that has taken each and every one of us at one point or another in life.

As I mentioned, it's one of the more serious ones, only topped by pride - the thing committed by, ya know, Lucifer. However, it's believed that Envy was one of the first mortal sins committed when Cain killed Abel out of envy. He was indeed envious of God's favoritism towards his brother and snuffed him out like a candle. From there, it was established that envy was, indeed, very bad.

Also mentioned, envy is something that most everybody has experienced, and in the age of social media, I - and many experts - believe that the issue has only been heightened. We're surrounded by everybody's successes, and never their failures, which only exasperates the feeling of failure in ones self, and elicits a covetous sensation, leading to envy.

But enough of the big words, if you want to know more, give the episode a listen.

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