Yee-Haw, It's The Texarkana Phantom


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So we've gone from the Seven Deadly Sins, to... True crime? Yup, that's what you get with this podcast. However, this true crime story involves a phantom, so it might just have a supernatural twist. The story goes that in 1946, over the course of several months a man committed some pretty heinous crimes. In a series of events that precedes the zodiac killer by a good twenty years, a man draped in a a pillowcase-esque mask began terrorizing the town of Texarkana, which falls both in Texas and Arkansas. He started with an assault, both physical and sexual in nature and quickly worked his way up to murder. By the end of his reign of terror, he had killed five people and attacked eight.

The town was obviously terrified, and there were no immediate suspects, despite there being tons of rumors and rewards posted. Just like the Zodiac killer twenty years later, he stalked couples who were isolated in a lover's lane type area, and used a pistol to gun them down, mostly execution style as well. But that's where I'll leave it for this episode. This will be split into a series, so next time we'll look at the investigation and investigators involved in the case - and boy are there are lot. The FBI even became involved with the crimes at one point.

The events in 1946 Texarkana spawned two films, one in the 70's and one based on the murders in the first film in 2014. Both are worth a watch in my little opinion, but that's for another podcast. As for the Phantom himself, I can't wait to share what we find on the next episode!

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