It‘s a Bird, It‘s a Plane, It‘s the Beast of Gevaudan!


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So let's say you live in the 1700's, and let's also say that you live on a farm, or out in the country somewhere, what would be your biggest fear? Well, the city-folk would probably be afraid of muggings and murder, but you, your fears hit a little different. How about being confronted in the middle of the woods in the dead of night by a massive wolf-like beast. It's so ferocious, and it's nothing like you've ever seen. It snarls, snaps it's massive jaws, and before you can blink, your head is clean off.

If that sounds specific, that's because it is, and that was a real fear many in the Gevaudan area of 1760's France had. There was a beast, something that didn't belong, lurking the countryside, and it did not discriminate. Men, women, and children all fell victim to whatever this beast was. In fact, it got so bad that even Louis XV became involved, and so did a reward for the slaying of the beast - 6,000 Livres, which was a boat-load of money back then.

The beast was eventually believed to be slain, but shortly after the attacks started again. So just what as this creature? Well, there are many popular theories, ranging from exotic animals imported, and escaping (similar to the alien big cats of a previous episode), to a prehistoric survivor from well... prehistoric times, to that of a serial killer who used an armored dog to do his hunting and wounding, at the very least.

I like that last theory. It seems the most interesting. But regardless of what this beast is, it still remains a mystery, so tell, me, what do you think it was?

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