Logic ON: Stop Letting Your Past Define Your Future & How to Prioritize Your Mental Health


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Bobby Hall sits down with Jay Shetty to talk about his career and family life. While recalling his abusive and violent childhood, he openly shares how he found light in the darkest times of his, how he draws inspirations from his roots to pursue his passion for music, and how being yourself can be good because your being open to others and why it can be disadvantageous because you’re showing vulnerability.

Bobby a.k.a. Logic is a platinum-selling recording artist, author, actor, streamer, and film producer with two Grammy-nominated albums out of six. He is the first musician to sign exclusivity with Twitch. In 2019, Bobby released his debut and New York times bestselling novel, Supermarket which was accompanied by a soundtrack of the same name. This year, he released his second book, This Bright Future: A Memoir.

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What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:53 Spending more time with family
  • 04:31 Freestyling while solving the Rubix cube
  • 07:44 Believing in a higher power mixed with common sense
  • 10:28 There’s always something about music
  • 13:48 Making it out of a mentally unstable household
  • 18:38 Raising a child with compassion and open communication
  • 20:31 Redefining anxiety and dealing with it daily
  • 26:16 How do you deal with intrusive thoughts?
  • 32:07 What it feels to be ‘white’ in the hip hop community
  • 37:43 The inspiration behind This Bright Future: A Memoir
  • 40:49 The power of words and learning things on the street
  • 44:36 Having a mentor that speaks your language
  • 46:49 Purposely slowing down to just be yourself
  • 51:47 Drawing strength and positivity from your family
  • 55:30 We all strive at different stages and phases in our life
  • 58:07 Bobby on Final Five

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