Managing Depression For Happiness And Personal Development With Morgan Beard


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When you hit rock bottom feeling like happiness is out of reach, and there's nowhere else to go, remember that life is full of surprises. There is always an opportunity to heal and recover so you can live your best life. Join your host Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D., as he talks with Morgan Beard about managing depression and anxiety for personal development and health wellness. Morgan deeply craved love, connection, and deeper conversation because of the circumstances she had growing up. In this episode, she discusses how she navigated life, searching for her purpose despite everything she's been through. She explains how she went through a tough transition, found happiness, and began building a life coaching business to help people rise from challenges and obstacles. Today, she has dedicated her life to using creativity to heal and empower. Listen to this episode and be reminded that there's a lot of positive stuff in the future!

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