Wellness-Focused Action Plans For Mental Health With Steve Miccio


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When faced with difficulties, we tend to lose hope in everything and question our purpose. It’s absolutely the time to turn your struggles into positivity and take care of your mental health. Steve Miccio discusses wellness action plans with your host, Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D. Driven by his personal experience of being diagnosed with a mental illness, Steve has spent over two decades creating, providing, and promoting innovative crisis response services. In this episode, he shares the struggles he experienced, the ups and downs, and figuring out what he wants to do in life. He also dives deep into how he formed his organization, what they do, and how they provide positive expectations for people’s recovery and wellness outcomes. He talks about the marginalization of people with mental health issues and then thinking of alternative solutions. What is more, Steve also shares the unique models and approaches he uses that significantly reduce hospital utilization, incarceration rates, and overall healthcare spending.

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