Informative Speech Spotlight: Ella Goodman's "Six Feet Under"


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Today's Informative Speech Spotlight features talented Cheyenne East Speech and Debate competitor, Ella Goodman. Ella is a sophomore competitor for East this year, but last year was her first year of Speech and Debate. It was a pretty historic first year for (then freshman) Ella, who captured the Wyoming State Championship and qualified for Nationals with her first Informative Speech. We are featuring her speech - "Six Feet Under" - on the Informative Speech Spotlight.

How might a coach or competitor use these speech spotlight episodes? First, you could just enjoy a fabulous speech. The speech spotlight is another opportunity for students to share their unique and powerful voice to an audience in an audio format. Second, maybe consider how you might use this speech as a model for students who are looking to write and perform their own informative speeches. Third, these speeches could be excellent learning tools for coaches and competitors. Actively reflecting on what makes a speech powerful, effective, or even flawed can help coaches and competitors add more tools and ideas to their own speaking toolboxes.
Watch for two more episodes coming up that feature Ella Goodman and her killer speech.
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