#424: 4 Unsexy Skills That Have Made Me A Better Entrepreneur & Leader


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What I Practice Every Day For Swoon-Worthy Results


You thought entrepreneurship was all glistening social media posts and champagne toasts?

Juuuust kidding.

If you’ve started a business – full time or on the side – you KNOW there are plenty of unglamorous moments.

But in this episode, I’m sharing four very specific skills that you probably wouldn’t list on a Bumble profile…but that will definitely make you a more effective and successful entrepreneur and leader.


Things like the ability to leverage. Or being a proactive planner. Or how I’ve learned to be an effective communicator in my business (and what that’s looked like in different situations.)

Sneak away for a few minutes, dive into this shortie episode, and steal the four unsexy business-making traits that I’ve developed inside my business (so you can build them into yours!)

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [03:35] 1. Effective communication skills. In the past, I've shielded myself from negative conversations. I use the Radical Candor method to communicate when something goes wrong.
  • [06:47] 2. Your ability to leverage. When you leverage you still have a pulse on the project, you're just not doing everything. This is choosing who you want to collaborate with and letting them own it, but they're still doing regular check-ins with you.
  • [09:37] 3. Be willing to admit when you are wrong. If something's not working in your business, look inward and ask how I can change my communication style or whatever is causing the problem.
  • [11:42] 4. You have to be a proactive planner. A proactive planner is looking ahead six months or a year. How can you scale or improve the business in the next three years? Check out EOS.
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