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It was super inspiring to chat with Abby, who made some incredible progress over time with Data-Driven Fasting and our Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass.

In this chat, we discuss:

  • What’s your WHY?
  • What other approaches had you tried in the past?
  • How did your body fat change? How much weight did you end up losing between Data-Driven Fasting and the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass?
  • How did you manage your attitude through the ups and downs?
  • Talk us through your process of reflecting on the journey.
  • What do you mean by “stacking all the hacks”? Which ones did you find most useful? Did you master one at a time and then bring them all together?
  • What exercise did you find worked well?
  • How did dialling up protein % change your hunger?
  • How do you celebrate your mistakes and learn from them?
  • What non-scale changes have you experienced?
  • What are your typical meals? What do you eat most often?
  • What advice would you give you people just starting out?





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