Jason Heaton (The Grey NATO and Hodinkee) discusses - and reads from - his new thriller Depth Charge


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Today's episode is action-packed in more ways than one. Of course, the top billing goes to Jason Heaton, a product journalist who's penned his first novel, But before that, we have some action of a different kind, with Andy chatting to Mike Manjos from WatchBox, about the winners from Watches & Wonders. Then it's straight into the thriller that is Depth Charge. Heaton bills it as a classic paperback page-turner in the vein of Cussler or Fleming, with a healthy dose of diving, and of course, dive watches. And while Heaton doesn't reveal the watch his hero ended up wearing in the book, we do talk about the challenges of writing (and researching) a novel during a pandemic, updating thriller tropes while making them relevant for a modern audience. Of course, we also chat about the in-depth character development of a pivotal character and probably great guy, the henchman known as 'Scholz'.

Back when Jason Heaton was first on the podcast, Felix petitioned strongly to be included as an evil henchman in the novel. Fast forward to today, and Felix's wish has been granted, with Scholz being described as an angular man with a shaved head and a moustache. What hasn't been revealed yet is if Henchman Scholz wears a watch. So we thought we'd have a little fun. Over on Instagram, we're running a comp where the best suggestion for Scholz's watch will win a signed copy of Depth Charge. Don't miss out.

This episode is brought to you by WatchBox, the world's leading platform for buying, selling and trading pre-owned luxury timepieces. Andy gets a personalised post Watches & Wonders market wrap with Mike Manjos, where they chat about trends and 2021's hottest releases. Of course, if you don't want to handle the waitlist, head to thewatchbox.com to look for your next watch.

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