Max Busser (MB&F) on working with friends evolving watch design and keeping the magic alive


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In the world of high-end independent watchmaking, Max Büsser is a king. Well, maybe not a king; he’s more of an alchemist, somehow turning his dreams into incredible creations of steel, gold and sapphire. While this romantic vision is pretty accurate, it’s only part of the picture.

Max tells us about the anger and frustration that caused MB&F to be born, the importance of friends, the madness of developing 22 calibres in 20 years and why Max is determined to run his business differently. We also talk about the entirely selfish way Max designs watches and how that’s reflected in the evolving style of the brand, which has shifted from blocky to biomorphic.

Finally, we find out about the delicate art of product naming and get a sneak peek at the MB&F ‘Andy’.

This episode is brought to you by NOMOS Glashütte. Listen in as Felix and Andy talk through the 2021 releases in this episode, or discover them all here.

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