3SYO #87: LEAVE JAVY ALONE! with Sara Sanchez


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Mets fans have spent most of the past month booing their own players--and their frustration is understandable. It was a rough August!

But then Mets fans and the media decided to turn Javy Báez into the biggest villain in New York for having the temerity to boo them right back. And that's when your humble podcaster goes full-on Ash vs. Evil Dead and tells all of Queens to "Come get some."

Friend of the pod Sara Sanchez returns and we leap to Javy's defense the way he leaps after literally any line drive that has the misfortune to cross his path. We explain why neither of us likes booing the home team and how doing so doesn't make you a smarter or more sophisticated fan. Even if Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo insists it does. (And honestly, should you really be taking sophistication lessons from a grown man who insists on sticking "Mad Dog" in the middle of his name?) Plus we dig into the biases of baseball media power brokers and how quickly they turn a deaf ear to marginalized voices.

NOTE: My apologies that the audio is occasionally a little glitchy. My zoom connection was wonky but I hope you agree it's worth the occasional hiccup. Our discussion gets pretty deep!

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