The Trans Sporter Room Ep97 -- Mark Tewksbury on coming a long way, and where the path leads next


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At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Canadian swimmer Mark Tewksbury enter the 100 meter backstroke final as a contender. 53 seconds later, he was a gold medalist, an Olympic record holder and the toast of his homeland.

He was also a man in hiding.

That changed when he came out in 1998. Coming out involved some pain, but it gave way to a great deal of pride and a new pursuit as a champion for change in sport and society as a strong voice on inclusion and human rights issues in sport and society.

Today, he's Vice President of Canada's Olympic Committee, and presided over a Team Canada effort in Tokyo that yielded one its best showing in a Summer Games ever. Team Canada won 24 medals, including 7 gold. The effort also featured 16 of its number as a part of the largest "Team LGBTQ" contingent in Olympic history, including the first-ever trans non-binary Olympian, who was part of an historic run in women's soccer that ended up golden.

Karleigh Webb went one-on-one with Tewksbury and looks at where's he been, the hope we are seeing amid this "Inclusion Summer" in sports today and our challenge toward inclusion tomorrow.

Also in this week's show:

  • The New York Times took on the trans sports issue, and gave out all the news that's fit to cis.
  • Q-School is in session for Hailey Davidson
  • Karleigh made a television debut

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