Dr. Mary Hulnick, Spiritual Psychologist, Teaches Courageous Authenticity and Waking Up from Spiritual Amnesia


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“Courageous authenticity is one of the great opportunities in aging.”

  • How someone can jumpstart a reinvention in the second half of their life (2:30)
  • What Mary learned from having polio as a child (7:45)
  • How to find new gifts inside yourself (9:45)
  • The most courageous thing women can learn to face as they age (10:55)
  • The common thread that most women struggle with (13:21)
  • How to stop yourself from over-giving to others (14:28)
  • How to let go of the story that you are telling yourself (21:11)
  • A powerful meditative breathing tool for forgiving yourself (27:09)
  • Stories that Mary is still discovering about herself (36:03)
  • The difference between your inner voice and your ego voice (40:08)
  • Mary’s morning ritual (42:28)
  • Why it’s not possible to squander your gifts (43:50)
  • How to find your purpose in a new stage of life (46:19)
  • How to view age as a state of mind (54:45)
  • What owning your throne means to Mary (1:01:15)

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