Natalie Jill, High Performance Coach and Fitness Queen, on Aging in Reverse and Revitalizing Your Life


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“Everything on your body is reflecting what’s happening internally.”

  • How Natalie turned her life and body around at age 35 (5:13)
  • What it means to age in reverse (6:30)
  • How Natalie responded to getting an auto-immune disease (20:45)
  • The keys to teaching yourself to hope during challenges (24:36)
  • Why Natalie educated herself in order to change her body (30:03)
  • Natalie’s vision for herself in 10 years (33:15)
  • Natalie’s spiritual practice (40:20)
  • How Natalie made connection a top priority (44:14)
  • What owning your throne means to Natalie (46:43)

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