Taylor Dayne, Singer and Actress, on Raising a Family and Returning to a Career


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“It’s a kiss and it’s a curse.”

  • How Taylor’s strength in her childhood was discovering that she was special (1:31)
  • Taylor’s parents story of hardship and how that helped her strength (6:34)
  • How Taylor’s voice protects her now (11:24)
  • How Taylor started her singing career with “Tell It to My Heart” (14:26)
  • What it means for Taylor to be a mom (20:14)
  • How Taylor adapts when life’s path diverts (26:41)
  • How Taylor’s great loves have affected her life (30:13)
  • How Taylor raising her children has helped to make her stronger (35:01)
  • Lessons from being on the Michael Jackson Bad tour (46:31)
  • What Taylor’s favorite thing that’s said about her is (49:12)

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