Jerry O'Connell, We Had Field Yates Help Us Get Mike Florio Again + Bryson, Mets And Cut Day In The NFL


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We continue to watch Hard Knocks for the people at home (00:03:09 - 00:06:46). Cut day in the NFL and Cam Newton is no longer on the Patriots and Dan Campbell is going without a kicker (00:06:46 - 00:25:44). The Mets Javy Baez fiasco was absurd on all levels and Bryson has finally gotten the name Brooksy to be illegal (00:25:44 - 00:31:01). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Jake Paul fight recap and fake high schools (00:31:01 - 00:59:49). Jerry O'Connell joins us in studio to talk about fantasy football and we do a Mt Rushmore of fantasy draft picks (00:59:49 - 01:47:58). We have Field Yates on the show where we created a fake interview with Mike Florio to trap him into talking about his fantasy team (01:47:58 - 02:02:53) . We finish with guys on checks.

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