Logic The Rapper, Deion Sanders & Mt Rushmore Of Animals We Want To See Fight


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We're back on back to back days and Jerry O'Connell has drafted our fantasy team for us (00:02:21 - 00:09:14). Blake Bortles is being slandered and libeled (00:09:14 - 00:12:44). Mt Rushmore of animals we want to see fight to finish Mt Rushmore season (00:12:44 -00:33:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Paul Pierce not apologizing (00:33:50 - 00:45:54). Bobby Hall aka Logic The Rapper joins the show to talk about the ups and downs of his career, his new memoir, growing up in a dysfunctional setting and tons more (00:45:54 - 01:27:37). Coach Prime, Deion Sanders joins the show to talk about his big win on Sunday, Gillie costing him 15 yards and his documentary Coach Prime (01:27:37 - 01:45:59). We finish with guys on checks.

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