E6 - Talking Business with Business Consultant Lisa Reed


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In this episode Ed and I chat with our good friend Lisa Reed who is a business consultant with a management accounting background which is quite different to business consultant who has a sales and marketing background. She has many many years of commercial experience both in the corporate arena where she worked with budgets in the billions, through to small corporate and SMBs. This is an absolutely packed episode, full of knowledge bombs, wisdom and light-bulb moments. No matter what level of business you’re operating at, whether you’re at startup phase or working in the $100-200+ million range, this is an episode to listen to. What you'll learn in this episode Why asking your accountant for business advice could be a bad move The 3 types of accountant and why the difference between them is important to be aware of We chat about financial tools and why keeping your books up to date is a critical part of growing your business What "key person reliance" is and why it's bad for business Why you and your ego could be the thing that's limiting your business growth ….and many other foundational components of building and growing a successful business Notes, links and resources from this episode at http://www.paretoecommerce.com/free-resources/ecommerce-online-retail-business-fundamentals/

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