Shattering glass ceilings, supporting women's empowerment and promoting greater diversity while bridging divides with Barbara Davis Blum | Greater Washington DC DMV Changemaker


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In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Barbara Davis Blum, one of the founders of Leadership Greater Washington and president of BDB Investment Partnership, shares stories from her early life and how it shaped her to become the resilient, feminist leader that she came to be. Barbara Davis Blum shared her journey as a pioneering female leader in government, business and the community.

Some highlights:

-Barbara Davis Blum's early life and her father's community involvement

-The impact of Barbara Davis Blum’s first divorce.

-Barbara's passion for the environment and saving the Chattahoochee River

-Diving into politics and coming to Washington DC

-How Barbara Davis Blum negotiated her role as Deputy Administrator of the EPA in the Carter administration

-On recognizing failure in handling the Love Canal tragedy

-How her second divorce prompted her to start a career in banking and eventually lead a woman-owned bank

-On supporting women’s leadership at the Greater Washington Board of Trade

-On founding Leadership Greater Washington with diversity as a core value


-Steve Harlan, founder of Harlan Enterprises LLC ( Listen to Steve Harlan's Partnering Leadership podcast episode here)

-Andrew "Andy" Young, former Congressman from Georgia and 55th Mayor of Atlanta

-Jimmy Carter, 39th U.S. President

-Lester Maddox, former Governor of Georgia

-Walter Frederick "Fritz" Mondale, 42nd U.S. Vice President

-Leo M. Bernstein, investor and banker

-Abigail Adams, former First Lady of the United States

-John Tydings, former Greater Washington Board of Trade President

-Julia M. Walsh, the first woman to serve as president of the Greater Washington Board of Trade

-Betty Friedan, feminist activist and author of The Feminine Mystique

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