I Give You My Word as a Biden | 7/22/21


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COVID is currently the assumption for every illness. Moving forward with liability related to the vaccine while the Left continues to force it into every conversation. Joe Biden held a town hall last night and got asked some of the most biased questions. Biden points out a dog in the audience. A woman asks Joe Biden a passionate question that was certainly not given to her to read verbatim. Biden takes some time out of his town hall to compliment Don Lemon. An Alzheimer's study claims that ice cream is a helpful aid for those experiencing mental decline. Could this be the reason for Joe Biden’s recent sweet tooth? Biden wants to reduce inflation. Reduce inflation. Reduce inflation. Biden gives us his word as "a Biden." Biden just wants billionaires to pay their fair share. The Olympic Games are still going to take place. The American women’s soccer team loses to Sweden. Surfing is now an Olympic sport! It is also now racist.

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