What America Runs On | 7/23/21


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College and professional football teams will be forced to "forfeit" if games are canceled due to players contracting COVID. Jeffy decides he is willing to negotiate if the NFL wants to make him NFL commissioner. Joe Biden falsely claims that the vaccines fully prevent COVID. A man sits in his car while floodwaters rise around him. He’s OK. Mosquitoes form another mosquito tornado! A couple in Russia claims that they have been trapped in a tree for 10 days while evading a bear. The Olympics start this upcoming weekend! Jeffy is perhaps willing to watch Apple Plus if the situation is right. New court documents claim that the FBI may actually have been responsible for planning the Whitmer kidnapping as well as other crimes. Italy is paying people to move there and become productive members of society. Jim Jordan gets removed from the Jan. 6 committee. Then the committee gets disbanded entirely. Do Millennials not tip waiters?

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