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The business of Security is gaining in maturity, from being an obscure corner of IT to becoming a core part of the C-Suite. How is this transformation happening and what can we learn from the similar trend that occurred in IT for the last decade?

We've been working on this Python project that will use the Nmap Python library to scan the local network, enumerate select systems and devices, try to login with default or known credentials, and send a Slack message if it finds anything.

The initial release is here:


This week in the Security News: More security advice for non-profits, faster 0-day exploits, ban all the things, you are still phishable, how to treat security researchers, what the heck is cyber hygiene, Gummy browsers, the Internet is safe now, a particular kind of crack is open-source, sysmon: Now for Linux, Windows 11 and lies, and cocaine Hippos!

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