Inventory Episode 4


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In which we perform a little house cleaning. We literally sweep the floor and organize books while talking. Can't hear it? Turn up the volume. WHY WOULD I LIE?? Bonus appearance by Daisy! We won't say when!
Anyway, the tradition of Inventory Episodes continues! We've decided to make them a monthly feature 'cuz that allows us to have a little breathing space from all that crazy reading we gotta do. You want us to breathe, don't you?
We also discuss that thing that Marvel just put out, the Loki show! What did you guys think? You should tell us. We tell you what we think. It's only fair!
We also play a little game. Consider it Phil's revenge for the manga game he played. This time it's Star Wars novel titles! What is real? What is fake? It's for Su to decide!
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