Episode 351: A Not-So-Secret Software that Can 2x Your Ad Campaigns with John Moran, Chief Strategist at Solutions 8


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A whole lot of people run Google Ad campaigns without knowing if or why they’re working. There’s a simple way to find out.

In today’s episode, host Kasim Aslam sits down with John Moran, Chief Strategist at Solutions 8 and #1 Google Ads guy in the world (according to Kasim), to talk about making sure you’re doing Google Ads right. John’s first piece of advice is to get your sales and marketing teams working in tandem, not opposition. “They’re like the right leg and left leg,” he says. “If only one of them is working, you’re going in circles.” And the most important thing of all? You need a CRM tool.

Listen in as Kasim and John talk all things CRM—the good, the bad, and the pricey.


  • How to identify common denominators between closed deals
  • What one thing to track if you track nothing else
  • How to choose a CRM tool out of the 5 billion on the market
  • Which CRM tool does most of the grunt work for you



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