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Listener's beware... you're in for a scare! "Pick-A-Path Podcast" was created as an excuse for Troy J Malcolm to read all of R.L. Stine's "Give Yourself Goosebumps" series with his friends as they record and playthrough these interactive novels together! Prepare yourself for reading and banter as different guests are read to, share banter, and make choices based off of options presented to them by the books. Episode lengths will differ depending on how long the guest lasts before reaching a spine-chilling conclusion. But will they finish in a freaky way... or two? This show was created for SPLITelevision Productions, and can be found on most podcast platforms, plus subtitled versions of the episodes will be released on the SPLITelevision Productions YouTube channel soon after! Spookily... We are in no way affiliated with R.L. Stine, Scholastic Publishing, or the Goosebumps brand. We are just extreme fans of the franchise and want to share our passion for them with others. If you enjoy this podcast, please support the author, books, and publisher through their official channels.

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