Pints & Politics UK: Episode 20 - Big analysis on taking the knee on the football field (Is it political?; Is BLM a Marxist organisation?; Should fans boo?), UK Government to back-track on June 21 freedom date with rise of Covid-19 variants?, UK cut corpo


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Big Topic: June 21 opening under threat as Covid-19 variants rise.
Other Topics: Corporation tax slashed to 15% for big tech firms in UK, Tories slammed for cutting price of education plans, and Northern Ireland remain unhappy with their position in limbo after Brexit.
Debate: Should England players be taking the knee?
US Politics: Joe Biden travels to Cornwall to meet Boris Johnson and other world leaders for the G7 meeting. America plans $250bn technology investment.

And a story that angered many people who argued for free-speech within universities, as some students at Oxford took down a portrait of the Queen because it had negative connotations!

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