The EU takes on AI, the US vs. Huawei continues, Airbnb is in the red, and a Friend of Pivot on your children’s data privacy


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Kara and Scott talk about the big players in Silicon Valley headed to the EU where they are debating new regulations on artificial intelligence. In more foreign affairs and tech, they talk about the US bringing charges against Huawei for federal racketeering. Airbnb was once a rare profitable "unicorn", but now, ahead of their expected IPO, they're in the red; Kara and Scott talk about how and where they are allocating their money. In Friends of Pivot, Kara and Scott have a conversation with Stanford professor and co-founder/CEO of Common Sense, Jim Steyer, about how to protect our children's data privacy and what the government's responsibility is in this issue (SPOILER: we should repeal Section 230).

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