Sneaky Dragon Episode 488


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 488 of the podcast that’s great!

This week: in the moment; Owen Chicken; clueless audience; who owes you; obscure sitcoms; forgotten unknowns; car show; it’s Cannon; non-native Native American; full of fear; tough time; metaphor mall; out on a limb; elusive chord; rude interruption; comics on one’s organ; bad time for enthusiasts; what the Beeple; can we be normal; won’t somebody think of the children; the luckiest generation; the voice of greed; the housing high tide; the laundry economy; she blew it; the upside-down boat; slim pickings indeed; you have to find your fun; invest in a moat; convince yourself; more Linklater; too authentic; scary times; stop talking; it’s what you want; unpronounceable force ghost; what the future holds; Dork Shadows – Death Is But a Dream; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; good obituaries; tone deaf dance; white knights; tapcast; variable time; the bitter end; all or nothing; smells like Dave’s spirit; Butt love; angry Ian; rude interruption #2; and, finally, sacked.

Question of the week: When you’re finally vaccinated, what is the first thing you’d like to do?
Sub-question: Did you grow up with siblings? Did you get along? And if you didn’t have any brothers and/or sisters, did you wish you did?

Hey! Check Dave out on the Dirty Harry Minute discussing The Dead Pool like he knows something! Go here to hear!

Well, even the settings on the website agree with Ian!

We’ve talked about it twice. One more time and it will pop out of a mirror:

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