Episode 283 – Star Trek Discovery, Last Dragon, CES 2021


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Guess what everyone? We are back with a new episode. Last week was a tough week for movies and shows as we were pretty harsh in our reviews. And for a few episodes now, we have been putting Star Trek Discovery on the back burner. Well Discovery has wrapped up their season and now its time to discuss it.

So Discovery has had a few different storylines develop throughout the season. So how did it all end up? This is one of the few times where all 3 of the members of the podcast had completely different views. We cover the last few episodes, recap the season and discuss where the show can go now. As a matter of fact, one of us may not even watch it past this current season. That’s right! This was their last season. If you are a Star Trek fan or even just a sci-fi fan, you need to hear what we said.

Do you like tech? How about tech that’s beyond your wildest imagination? We call this CES 2021.

This is the first year in which this event is virtual. We cover the first 2 days. In these 2 days so much was showcased already. Razer came out the gate strong with a multitude of products but 2 that stuck out were their face masks and gaming chair.

How about a doorbell that takes your temperature? These are just some of the few things we discuss. Would Moose buy this? When is there something Moose doesn’t buy?

In an impromptu topic, some how we started to discuss one of Gamegod’s favorite movies; The Last Dragon.

Was The Last Dragon a hit or a flop? Is this a movie that can be put in the archive with other classics? Is it goofy or is it great? Can it be compared to the original Ghostbusters? We discuss all these things and more.

Now if these things interested you, the question becomes why aren’t you joining us every Tuesday on Facebook at 9pm? What’s that? No reason. Then we will see you next week.

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