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Episode 284 is locked, stocked, and loaded! We have been waiting the arrival of the MCU’s newest shows and the first one up to bat is WandaVision. With the announcement of Marvel’s lineup, WandaVision was definitely the one that was completely different from the rest.

The first 2 episodes were released this past Friday and the podcast dove right in. We peel apart the episodes in a manner that can be described as critical. It seems like there was a 2 on 1 dispute on what was thought of the debut of WandaVision.

The chat room chimed in as well on their thoughts and the discussion became very interesting to say the least. Is WandaVision the future of the MCU? Is this style going to work for them? What is happening in the show? Who was in the bee suit? Lots of questions and we try to answer all of them.

Another show that has garnished the attention of the many is Cobra Kai.

The continuation of the classic Karate Kid movies in a tv format, Cobra Kai provides lots of things to lots of people. We finally talk about the show, the 3 seasons and the future of the series. There was lots of flashbacks and walks down memory lane as we discuss the show.

To top it off, all of the original cast from the movies have come back to reprise their roles. Does this show have longevity? Is it a flash in the pan? The chat room shares their views and you will be surprised on the outcome.

So the question we ask you. Do you want to be apart of the action? Do you want your voice to be heard? How do you do this? Well, join us on Tuesday on Facebook at 9pm. See you there!

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