Episode 308 – Billionaire in space, Loki Finale, Space Jam, 8 & 16 bit video games


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Unleash episode 308! In this episode, we race into space so we can jam and play 8/16 bit video games all in the same time frame. What does this all mean? Lets hop to it.

Space Jam 2 was released this past weekend.

Not everyone on the podcast saw it. As a matter of fact only one member saw it, yet everyone was a critic. Find out if they missed a blockbuster or did they do themselves a favor. We breakdown this movie and slightly compare it to the original Space Jam. Does it hold up? Someone gives it a shocking review.

We move on to another type of space; a space race.

Two billionaires race to see who makes into space first. If you go first but fall slightly short does that count for something? This is a huge topic because it opens up commercial travel to space. Would you pay $250k to take a trip to space? How about $125k? If not what would you do with that money? Also one member of the podcast doesn’t want to go to space. How can you talk about sci-if and not want to go to space? The person that you think it is may surprise you.

Have you gotten a chance to see the season finale of Loki? Shame on you if you didn’t!

Disney plus finishes its 3rd MCU show and the big question is was it better than the first two? We analyze a very informative episode. Wait, someone thought the episode pointed out more questions than answers. Was this the hit we were looking for? Did it make sense? Who is Kang the Conqueror? Help!!

If all this is too much too handle, then let’s go back to the good ole days. What days are those? The days of 8 and 16 bit video games.

That’s right, the golden age of video games. We have a very candid discussion about the best retro games. What did we play the most growing up? What would we play still today? What was our top 5 list or for one member, his top 50? Lots of great nostalgia and we even know soundtracks of games. Crazy!!

This episode had it all except one thing…you! Join us every Tuesday at 9pm on Facebook to be a part of the show. You never know, you might even get hooked!

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