Food Is My Love Language


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You may have heard people say ‘Food is my LOVE LANGUAGE,’ meaning that cooking and feeding others is their way of saying, "I Love you" in the most nurturing and generous way possible.

In this episode Cristina talks with two chefs who speak the language fluently. First she and Chef Vikas Khanna discuss how Vikas expresses himself either in person, in his Michelin Star restaurants or through service with his Feed India Initiative, which has fed over 50 million Indians who have struggled in Covid, all from his home office in New York. She’ll also talk with Chef Cristina Martinez best known for her restaurants in Philadelphia, she’s now a James Beard Award Nominee for the work she and her husband do with The People’s Kitchen, a place that provides free meals for their neighbors and supports undocumented workers in need throughout the pandemic. We’ll also hear from listeners who will tell us how they express love through food.

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