Serving the Pandemic with Marcus Samuelsson


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The wake of the Pandemic of 2020 hit the restaurant industry with full force. Struggling restaurant owners asked for a bailout, but a sluggish and insufficient response from our government left them to fend for themselves, some closed their businesses forever, others hung on through the storm. Workers faced high rates of unemployment, and sometimes even dealt with wage theft. In this episode Cristina speaks with acclaimed chef, author and owner of Red Rooster Harlem about the effects of COVID-19 on his business, his neighborhood, and his mission to see them both survive and thrive moving forward. We also talk with Cristina’s sister, Roxana Gonzalez Martinez, about her personal experience as a server during this time and how it's affected her family and their livelihood - she'll also offer advice to those in the same boat.

Executive Producers: Cristina Gonzalez, Jackie Garofano, Adell Coleman

Senior Producer: Ryan Woodhall

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