Understanding Eating Disorders


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While awareness about eating disorders in America has improved, there’s a misconception about who is experiencing them, why they are experiencing them and while we focus on obesity as a national epidemic, anorexia is on the rise. Today we try to better understand eating disorders with our guests, Dr. Christine Peat and author Anissa Gray.

The stress of COVID-19 and the isolation of quarantine has increased depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. While we have learned that eating disorders are only partially about body dysmorphia and body image, we also know that they often stem from an attempt to achieve control while in a state of anxiety or uncertainty. Cristina and Dr. Peat discuss the ways in which the pandemic has exacerbated the suffering of people with these disorders, signs we can look out for and ways we can better understand and help the people we love who may be suffering. Next, we'll talk with author Anissa Gray who bravely talks about her own experience with an eating disorder, how that influenced aspects of her book, "The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls" and shares advice for listeners who may be suffering. We’ll also hear from listeners who bravely share their experiences with Eating Disorders or challenges.

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