Pooja what is this behaviour?


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Podcast Channel Description: Hi there, welcome to the relaunched version of my podcast, "Pooja what is this behaviour?" named after your favourite worldwide viral meme. This time I have joined forces with hubhopper to make the most of the intimate medium of audio. Together we are making this podcast, 'bigger','better','bolder'.From personal stories, to intriguing conversations with fans and celebrities, to doling out advice for my listeners, I am going to cover the whole spectrum in my podcast.The new version of the podcast is a stimulating, sparkling look at pop culture, trending current affairs,society at large and lots more.New episodes drop every week.Make sure to dm me your questions on Instagram @poojamisraproduction and I will answer them on the next show! Happy listening! Like, comment, share, subscribe! Follow me on: Instagram @poojamisraproduction YouTube @poojamisralivestream @pooja! what is this behaviour? Facebook @poojamisraproduction Twitter @poojamisraprod Snapchat @poojamisraprod Clubhouse @poojamisraprod

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