Podcast #19 - Drugs. Anxiety. Mental Health. - with Jordan Rosenblum


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The Preaching Sense Podcast returns after a brief hiatus with an episode about the mind. Jordan Rosenblum joins for a discussion about anxiety, depression, mental health, and drugs. Some meaningful and/or meaningless things to clarify: -Some of our arguments seem to change and evolve as the conversation progresses. This is a normal thing in human interaction. Don't draw finite conclusions about our arguments until you reach the end. Or do. But know that these initial thoughts may not represent what we really mean. This topic is more nuanced than most. -A lexicographer is a person who compiles dictionaries. You are now a better lexicographer for knowing this. -Neither of us view mental disorders as concrete conditions (in most cases) but rather much more dynamic "disorderly states" that can adapt, change, worsen, or even dissipate. I am currently confident this is the correct way to view issues of the mind, but am open to new information...

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