Episode 159: Presentation Management - James Ontra


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Compelling presentations are always difficult to create, but they’re an essential part of sales. And now there’s something that can help you organize and curate your various slides and get them ready to become a compelling presentation. Today you’re going to hear from James Ontra, the creator of the presentation management platform and communication strategy hub Shufflrr. Learn how Shufflr works, the different ways that it can help, and what inspired James to create Shufflrr in the first place.

Episode Highlights:

  • Whether presentation management is a part of pitch decks
  • How things are changing with COVID and how Shufflrr helps
  • Why people need a library of slides
  • How the speaker notes work
  • Getting metrics from slide usage
  • How to get started with curating slides
  • James’s favorite onboarding experience
  • Whether marketing drives the collection of assets
  • Getting copies of a presentation
  • What inspired James to develop Shufflrr
  • How to check out Shufflrr


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