223: The Sales Development Methodology


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On this podcast episode our Co-founder & CEO Collin Stewart, Lead Coach Sarah Hicks, and Senior Vice President Carrie White, joined us to share everything about our new and improved sales development methodology.

Predictable Revenue’s Sales Development Methodology has been a work in progress for the better part of a year and a half. Our new methodology defines the core ideas and principles that go into building a revenue team but as a point of emphasis separates them from the tactics required to build your sales development team. There are three key principles you need to address before you start building a playbook: positioning, pace, and practice.

Highlights include: the 3 strategic principles of the Sales Development Methodology (8:20), the playbook (14:15), targeting (15:15), team (20:15), tools (23:30), prospecting (28:30), qualification (33:45), follow-through (37:00).

We know it’s a lot to digest, which is why we’re doing a 2-part workshop series, Nov 22 and Dec 9, to have a genuine discussion, answer your questions, and provide 100% actionable advice on how to leverage the methodology to create repeatable, scalable and predictable revenue. You can register at the link below.

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