Things Your Partner Doesn't Know or Doesn't Want to Know About Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum


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Our loving warning to you is to make sure that you get pregnant before letting your partner listen to this adorable list! Ha! We must say we had a ton of fun recording this podcast and thinking through all of things our poor partners have to deal with. As moms, we mostly embrace all of the changes that happen to our body; from our growing belly, to lack of sleep and funny food cravings … because, well, it's happening to us. We get excited, even if it's not fun, knowing that it is all part of growing a baby. Partners, though, really kind of get taken by surprise with some of the changes and expectations in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. So, we thought it was fun to dive right in and cover those here. We hope you have a good laugh and learn along the way.
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