Pretty Sure


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If you’ve ever felt alone, misunderstood or like your story didn’t matter, I’m pretty sure you’re in the right place now! Welcome to Pretty Sure, a conversational podcast that explores what it really means to turn your mess into your message and find the joy or lesson in life’s ups & downs. Each Wednesday, join Sabrina, Mexican/German millennial, and a mix of guests from everyday people, to thought leaders, artists, entrepreneurs & experts for heart-centered & hilarious conversations. Expect raw, real, and unapologetic chats about millennial struggles, the joys & pains of being single, life & business lessons, and hopefully, insightful takeaways you can be inspired by...nothing is off-limits! You can consider Sabrina your new best friend: the one that’ll always be kind, loving, but also call you out on your s**t when you need it.

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