75 – Daring and dangerous property development


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Daring and dangerous are two words you would not normally associate with property development, but my latest guest suggests that may in fact be a way to create something fresh and exciting to bring to market, and carve out your own space in a competitive sector. Can you be daring and dangerous and still deliver successful projects? Let's find out... Before we get to that, I have to say I have some amazing guests lined up for the next few episodes and I can’t wait to bring them to you so stay tuned! Thanks to the many people who have emailed me recently saying they have found the show and have been really enjoying it. Feel free to post a comment on iTunes if you are also getting some value from the show. And remember you can find all my latest project updates and other news on Facebook and Insta under the handle of Property Developer Podcast. Okay before we get to today’s guest, if you are interested in learning how to develop then we have the mentoring program available to help show you everything you need to know to become a successful property developer. Email me Justin@propertydeveloperpodcast.com if you want to know more Property developers should not be afraid of being daring and dangerous.Joe Adsett Right, on to today’s guest, Joe Adsett. Joe is a Brisbane based architect that has turned his hand to developing his own projects. Like many architects, Joe started his practice and took on whatever commissions he could win. As he grew and evolved he did some renovation projects along the way, and started designing luxury residential homes for his growing client base. He was then presented with an unexpected opportunity to do a development project and that gave him a taste for being the developer and delivering exciting projects he could control. The decision to do his own projects had a number of unintended consequences for Joe and the architecture practice, which he will share during our conversation. There’s a lot of great lessons in this chat, so keep an ear out for the importance of having the right alignment with your project team partners, the benefits of being daring and dangerous, and how you can identify and amplify your success. Property Developer Training If you are keen to get started today in learning about the property development process and what you need to do at each step, then jump into the Property Developer Training course (www.propertydevelopertraining.com). This is the program that Justin has put together to help you get quickly started in property developing. Complete the course at your own pace and in your own time, and learn the tips, trips and techniques that Justin has used in all his projects. Find out more at www.propertydevelopertraining.com Property Developer Quiz Keen to find out how ready you might be to become a developer? Then take the Property Developer Quiz (www.propertydevelopertraining.com/quiz) and get a sense of where you are at… Lessons for real estate developers I like seeing an architect daring to take control of their designs and bringing them to reality, he’s putting his money and reputation on the line, and in doing so gets an intimate understanding of a development project and the risks involved. Here’s three things I took away from our conversation. 1. Ensure alignment with your property development team partners Ensure you have the right values alignment with your property development team partners. Having the right people on your team is central to the success of the project, and making sure that you feel confident in working with them, potentially for a few years, is really important, as there will be bumps and issues along the way, and you need good people to help you solve problems and work through dilemmas. 2. Be a daring a dangerous property developer Be daring and dangerous in your projects. Okay, so you generally don’t want to be dangerous when you are delivering a project! But what Joe was getting at when he said this,

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