84 – Lessons learned from 15 property development projects


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There’s nothing like experience to provide some hard won lessons on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to delivering a property development project. While every project is different, there are some fundamentals that can be applied across projects to help things go as smoothly as possible. Matt Chamberlain from Chamberlain Property has delivered more than a dozen small scale development projects and shares with us some of the tips and ideas that have worked for him. We cover the importance of research and understanding the market you are working in so that you can prepare a great feasibility, how resilience is something that has really helped Matt get through the many challenges he has faced, and how his business probably grew too quickly in the first few years. Keep an ear out for how Matt likes to shape his feasibilities and the key metric he looks at to ensure his land cost is no too high. Project Updates MontVue - Titles issued, trying to wrap up practical completion and get Settlements booked in. Cambridge - Finally got town planning endorsement of the plans and drawings, working on building permit documentation so construction can get started. Property Development Training If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of property development, in your own time and at your own pace, then be sure to head over to www.propertydevelopertraining.com and take a look. I take you step by step through the development process so you know exactly what is needed to find a site, run a feasibility and complete a small scale property development, be that a duplex or 3 or 4 unit site. So head over to propertydevelopertraining.com and take a look... I would love to see you on the inside... Property Developer Quiz Keen to find out how ready you might be to become a developer? Then take the Property Developer Quiz (www.propertydevelopertraining.com/quiz) and get a sense of where you are at… Archives Don’t forget there is a rich archive of past episodes if you want to go back and take a listen to all my past guests, there’s some absolute crackers in the vault. I was thinking the other day of my chat with former Victorian Premier and trained architect, Ted Ballieu in episode 73 and how we talked about the decay and disappointment of the planning system, definitely worth a listen. Links Property Developer Training - www.propertydevelopertraining.com Chamberlain Property - www.chamberlainproperty.com.au Property Developer Podcast - www.propertydeveloperpodcast.com Social Connection Property Developer Podcast Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/propertydeveloperpodcast Property Developer Podcast Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/property_developer_podcast/ Property Developer Podcast LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/property-developer-podcast

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