LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN: Bunnyhopping to the top of the property ladder


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Owning 31 properties at the age of 31 feels like a magic trick, but this investor says it’s not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Lifestyle By Design is a new podcast hosted by Ben Handler for Smart Property Investment, which delves into the challenges and opportunities of turning property into a fun, rewarding, and flexible career. In the third episode, Ben sits down with Sam Gordon, owner and director of Australian Property Scout, to discuss how he hopped from being a part-time bunny farmer to being a full-time buyers agent and real estate investor. With a staggering investment portfolio spanning several states, Sam shares insights on how first-time home buyers can jumpstart their property investment journey. He also underlines how being committed to a goal is vital to a real estate investor’s success and shares tips on how to build a property portfolio strategically.

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