S2E14: "Innocence"


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Don’t have sex, because your boyfriend WILL turn evil and rejoin his former gang of vampire delinquents bent on destruction. Buffy missed that day in sex ed class though, and now Angel is once again Angelus, the brutal, sadistic killer who cut a bloody swath through Europe. But that’s not all! The Judge is nearly at full strength, and then Spike and Drusilla will unleash him on the Sunnydale Mall. Will Cordelia and Willow stop fighting over Xander long enough to come up with a plan? Or is the mall doomed?

Hear us discuss…

  • All the flavours of lost innocence
  • The particular brand of slut-shaming that is ’90s TV
  • Stephanie has to chastise Willow and it breaks her heart
  • We want just want to wrap Buffy in a blanket
  • David Boreanaz is scary good at evil

Trigger warnings

Abuse, misogyny, sexuality, slut shaming


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