How to Align with your Mission in Medicine while Mastering Virtual Medical School Interviews


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Erkeda DeRouen talks to Dr. Natasha Bray, a board-certified internal medicine physician in addiction medicine and Interim Dean of the Cherokee Nation Campus of Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences. She gives valuable advice on how to ace your medical school interview as application season approaches.

  • [00:26] Introducing Dr. Natasha Bray
  • [03:23] How Dr. Trina went into Addiction Medicine
  • [07:35] The Importance of the Nation’s First College of Medicine Affiliated with a Tribe
  • [13:37] The Impact of a Mission-Driven School in a Rural Environment
  • [15:20] Features that Make a Great Medical School Candidate
  • [19:35] How to Best Prepare for Virtual Interviews
  • [23:38] The Best Piece of Advice
  • [25:42] Where to Find Dr. Natasha Bray

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