How 5 Coaches Leveraged Their Coaching Niche Into a Smart Podcast


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Today feels special. I’m airing my 100th podcast and celebrating my 2nd year anniversary of podcasting!

Thanks to you — binge listening and sharing Prosperous Coach Podcast with other coaches — my show has hit 60,000 downloads and listenership is growing fast!

I’m so grateful to you and to the podcasting community, which is filled with some of the kindest, most generous people I’ve met. They genuinely want every podcaster to thrive. And so I have!

And I’m here to tell you that podcasting revolutionized my coaching business. Coaches reach out to me ready to enroll because they already trust me from listening to my podcast.

That’s why I recommend podcasting to my clients. For coaches — who are willing to choose a narrow viable target audience full of seekers and taken the time to research what those people want so much they’ll invest in support to get there — podcasting is a great fit.

Think about it … if you speak directly into the ear of your target audience every week about a top-of-mind issue and how to shift it, can you imagine how that would help you attract serious clients who are ready to hire you.

It’s HUGELY impactful. It builds credibility fast and helps you reach an international audience for your niche.

Of course you have to stand out in the crowd. Podcasting is growing so fast and for every topic and target audience you can think of there’s at least one podcast already out there.

Helping coaches stand out is exactly why I encourage you NOT to sell a certain type of coaching. Instead to target a unique audience with BIG problems they want solved and gear your messaging and offers around that.

So today, as I’m celebrating my own success with your help, I also want to celebrate 5 other coaches who have just leveraged their coaching niches into a podcast. I’m so impressed with every single one of them.

They are all past or current clients in my 5 month VIP Coaching Business Breakthrough program where we started from scratch to develop strategic messaging, offers, web copy and their content strategy – podcasting – all customized for their unique target audience.

As you’re listening to this episode today, notice these 3 things:

1. How narrow and specific each coach’s target audience is.

2. How compelling and unique their message is.

3. And how they are NOT selling coaching (even though they are trained and certified coaches who use coaching to help their audience reach their top goals.)

I recommend you check out their awesome websites and listen to their podcasts, which you can find on their website and also on popular podcast apps.

Then please help them by sharing their podcasts with people you know who fit their audience. Someday someone will do the same for you.

Shawna Warner and Cultivate Resilient Teens

Let’s start with Shawna Warner who just launched her podcast a few weeks ago. In Shawna’s business at Cultivating Resilient she helps parents empower their teenage daughters to build confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures.

I wish I’d had Shawna’s help when I was a teenager!

Shawna has a Masters in clinical social work and was a social work intern in schools. That and her personal experience raising a teenage daughter who has thrived into an awesome young adult are reasons she chose her audience and niche.

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