How to Organize Your Home & Life with Shira Gil


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Are you feeling aligned and happy about your home and stuff? As we gear up and get ready for the upcoming holiday season we are really excited to chat about our home and how we can simplify our stuff before MORE stuff comes in. Listen in to today’s episode to hear great tips about: - how we can have conversations with our family about all the stuff in the home - how we can start to edit our stuff so that when the holiday season gets here it’s not this overwhelming drowning feeling - how we can get started decluttering today Like one of the biggest mistakes that Shira sees is when people try to organize first without decluttering --- it’s a huge ineffective use of our mom's time. She also chats about how you can build a decluttering habit into your life so you are not stuck in that cycle of overwhelm. Decluttering is not a one-and-done thing. It needs to keep happening but in a realistic and EASY way. Let’s dive in.


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